Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman were in London last night in support of Lion. No one was really talking about Lion before TIFF. At TIFF is where it really made a move as a contender, possibly Harvey Weinstein’s only Oscar contender of the season. As Joanna noted when she reviewed the film back in September, Lion came out of Toronto really strong, giving the Weinstein Company a lot of confidence going deeper into award season. And it received a similar reaction at the London Film Festival with the Telegraph giving it four out of five stars, saying the film will “rip you to pieces”.

Which is why both Dev and Nicole’s nomination chances just got a lot stronger. It’s a weak year in the Best Actor race. Right now, Casey Affleck’s probably the only lock in the category – unless people start talking about those sexual harassment allegations …IF they start talking about those sexual harassment allegations. After Casey, it’s probably Denzel Washington in Fences who’s the closet, in second, but by no means is there a solid five yet. So, if they can keep building the Lion momentum, and we know Harvey Weinstein knows how to run an Oscar campaign, he might have a shot.

When Joanna posted about Lion after TIFF, she mentioned that Nicole Kidman “is leaning into her personal life with this role”. Nicole has spoken about how her own experience adopting her children, Isabella and Connor, affected her performance and she’s now looking really good for a nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category – which is interesting because some are saying that they might strategically submit Viola Davis (in Fences) in the Best Supporting Actress category since the Best Actress race is so strong this year. If Viola Davis goes for Supporting though? I’m not sure anyone will be able to challenge her.

But God I love this dress on Nicole. The richness of the velvet. The pockets on the hip – are they controversial? Because to me they’re perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. You know what is controversial though? It’s Armani Prive. This surprised me. Because I haven’t loved an Armani dress in a long, long time.