Nicole Richie was in Australia last week with Joel Madden and their children while he’s there to work on The Voice. On Monday she was in New York for the Fifi Awards. Yesterday she arrived back in Sydney to be with her family. God that is a LONG flight. I mean I’m sure it’s not as rough up in first class, no, but still, it’s a LONG flight. It’s a lot of travelling in a short amount of time.

On May 9 I flew to London for a junket. On May 13 I flew home to Vancouver. On May 15 I turned around and flew to France for Cannes. Everyone was like, why didn’t you just stay in Europe?

Because I wanted to touch homebase. Sometimes, even if it’s just for 50 hours, you just want to be home. Where your people are. So when I saw these shots of Nicole, back and forthing to get back to her husband and children, I felt some warmth for her. That’s not to say she’s not a total bitch of a mean girl (and I like her that way) but when it comes to life choices and commitments, she’s looking pretty good these days. A lot better than that Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton piece of sh-t who I just saw tonight at a party waiting impatiently for her after dinner coke time.