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I don’t watch the show but, as mentioned before, I do get a lot of requests from those of you who do – for gossip, photos, and to convince me to start getting into it. Totally forgot that I interviewed the cast at Comic-Con and since you’ve been emailing me to write about them after Teen Choice, it seems a good time to get caught up.

But first...

Here are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, rumoured to be dating, at LAX after the TCAs probably heading back to resume shooting the new season in Georgia. True? No clue. All I know is that at the end of February, Ian was loving up another girl called Megan – photos are here. And these pictures were taken AFTER speculation about Nina and Ian gained momentum.

Unfortunately I had no idea about this showmance situation before Comic-Con. Otherwise I totally would have asked. Nina, as you know, is a Degrassi alumnus. I’ve interviewed her many times before. And I remember asking Duana, who writes for Degrassi (which is getting so much love this new summer season from Entertainment Weekly, like in every issue), before Comic-Con whether or not she thought Nina would front like she’s too big to remember. Duana said that Nina is a good girl, that she had no doubt she’d be cool.

And she was. Really cool. As soon as she saw our crew – with etalk all over our mic flash, and Dylan too who has shot her for maybe 6 or 7 years – she came over for hugs and gushing and giggles and gave us the longest interview, being pro-Canada, and so now, for Nina, maybe I’ll check out the Season 1 DVD.

As for her co-stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder with That Hair – on the quiver scale, in person, I prefer Paul. Maybe it’s because I know he’s full Polish. As weird as he looks in photos, when he’s standing in front of you live though, aside from being terribly skinny, as they all are, he’s actually quite beautiful. And a little flirtatious, but not inappropriately – the way you should be in a good entertaining interview that doesn’t skeeve everyone out – and he has an equally skinny sexy girlfriend who was with him at the EW party and they held hands down the carpet like they couldn’t wait to get inside and make out.

Ian’s hair admittedly isn’t as distracting in person as it is in photos but it was also considerably, um, tamer that day. And he was wearing one of those thin hug your body long sleeve tees and on paper, I guess, the package is there and he really is nice with a great sense of humour and humble enough and did want to keep talking before his rep dragged him away but Ryan Gosling wasn’t happening around me, you know what I mean?

Anyway, am also attaching a few shots of the actors at Teen Choice. As we noted last night during the liveblog, we didn’t love Nina’s dress. And to answer those of you who have asked whether or not there’s thinnification happening here – Nina has always been like this, it’s just the way she’s built. Bitch.

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