Dear Gossips,

Hidden Figures pretty much tied Rogue One for top spot at the box office this weekend, bringing in just under $22 million. And while Rogue One was always supposed to be a blockbuster, Hidden Figures in comparison is an underdog. The reason why it’s #1 is because it’s a wonderful movie.

So if it’s the highest grossing movie of the weekend, why was it that it was misidentified, not once but twice? On the red carpet, on the NBC pre-show, first by Jenna Bush Hager:

And then, during the broadcast, by Michael Keaton who also called the film Hidden FENCES and not Hidden Figures. Let’s be clear here: Hidden Figures is a film featuring black actors in leading roles. Fences is also a film featuring black actors in leading roles. They are NOT THE SAME FILM. Just like Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr are not the same person.

In these times, we look to Black Twitter for the answer, and the laughter. #HiddenFences was trending worldwide for hours. Here’s an example.

As promised, we had a #HiddenFiguresParty this weekend. Kathleen was two seats over from me and cried the whole time. Duana was next to me and she also wept, frequently taking long, shuddering breaths. Me? I too needed a lot of air. So much air. Because Hidden Figures takes your breath, and then it fills you back up with everything good, everything that’s been missing, everything that is essential. We’ll talk more about Hidden Figures later this week. For now, please enjoy the incomparable Octavia Spencer, one of the stars of Hidden Figures, and a nominee last night, in a custom tuxedo.

Today, of course, it’s all Golden Globes. The moments, definitely, and obviously the dress porn. We are posting as quickly as we can. It’ll be a heavy, heavy day on the blog so please refresh often and click VIEW MORE at the bottom of the page to get caught up on all articles. Please keep yelling at us too. It keeps us awake!

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