I was hoping to see Olivia Munn at the ESPYs with Aaron Rodgers a couple of weeks ago. He came alone. And she showed up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly instead – click here for a refresher. Sarah wondered in that post if this would finally be Olivia Munn’s moment. And many gossips were wondering whether or not that would mean that she’d be done with QB1.

Here they are in Montreal on Sunday holding hands. Olivia’s there shooting X-Men. Training camp starts for the Packers on Thursday which means he won’t have a lot of time to travel to see her after this weekend. There have been rumours surrounding these two since they first got together, an online conspiracy about an exchange – profile for her and a cover-up for him. As I always say, Gossip is a Buffet, you choose you own entrée. For what it’s worth, every source I’ve ever talked to has insisted that they’re legit.