Olivia Rodrigo is currently atop the Billboard Hot 100 with her smash hit “Driver’s Licence.” If you don’t know the story of heartbreak behind the song, you can read my post from last week, but in short, it’s believed that Olivia wrote the song about a messy split with her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett, and the lyrics explain how he (now quite infamously, but still allegedly!) moved on with a blonde. The identity of the blonde was unknown — until now. Fellow Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter has entered the chat with her new single “Skin,” with lyrics that appear to directly reference Olivia’s story. 


“Maybe then we could pretend

There’s no gravity in the words we write

Maybe you didn’t mean it

Maybe blonde was the only rhyme”


She goes on to sing about someone trying to get under her skin while he’s on her skin; her “maybe blonde was the only rhyme” moment lost its legs for me after hearing that part. She also appears to directly position her song as a response to “Driver’s License” when she sings “Don't drive yourself insane, it won't always be this way.” 


Olivia told Billboard last week that the backstory behind “Driver’s License” is the least important part.”  But this Disney drama gets messier because the boy, Joshua Bassett, has publicly endorsed Sabrina’s song “Skin,” telling fans on Instagram it’s “been stuck in my head since I heard it!!!” I guess you’ve got to support your rumoured new boo, even in the war against your alleged ex. Josh also released his own track, “Lies Lies Lies”, about a week ago, which he says is inspired by a friend who’s been lying behind his back for a long time. The lyrics take issue with said person’s claim of innocence in the situation. 


Last night, Sabrina posting on Instagram to thank fans who have “who have opened their minds to lyrically what i was trying to get across,” and makes it clear she “wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it.”

“The song isn’t calling out one single person. Some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I’ve had this past year.”

So… she’s saying some lines in the song are about Olivia Rodrigo? I hope somebody’s already working on the screenplay for this teen drama. Skin, Lies, and a Driver’s License coming soon to… Netflix? It’s too close to home for Disney Plus.



Lainey PS. Is this the updated version of the Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter, Lindsay Lohan triangle?!