Olivia Wilde made her entrance at the VitaminWater pre-gala cocktail for Butter last night as I was shoving my face into all the neglected food. I was seated directly facing the elevator, the only entrance point to the venue.

When she stepped out in this white dress, the last to arrive, fully aware that she was totally hijacking the attention...

Well, as cliché as it sounds, in this case it truly applies: she was a vision.

It’s not only the gown. It’s how the wearer presents it.

She glided. She held her chin at just the right height. She had the perfect expression of serenity and seduction on her face. And, I mean, then there’s the dress itself.

I saw it twice last night, both at the cocktail and then several hours later at the InStyle party. In person, it’s INCREDIBLE. The way it moved you could almost feel it on your face - like silk with soft wind on a hot beach. Some of you may look at these photos and find it underwhelming especially after all this hyperbole. My friend Fiona is like that. If you tell her you really like a movie and the movie was so good, she’ll end up hating the movie because it was built up too much for her. The best thing to do when you’re telling Fiona about a movie is to be rather medium about it - “yeah, I liked it, it was ok” - and then when she sees it, she’ll turn the medium into amazing all by herself.

I suspect then, with all my gushing, some might be looking at Olivia Wilde’s dress and shrugging your shoulders. But I am telling you. If you saw it standing in front of you, if you saw its perfect, perfect shade of white, if you saw how the material was so exquisite it would at times appear to pleat and then the next moment become completely flat, if you could appreciate the long and elegant silhouette, I promise you we would all agree on this. All of us.

And, shockingly, it’s Marchesa. You know I very, very, very rarely like Marchesa. But this dress is f-cking crazy. And the styling worked beautifully. Neutral makeup, simple hair, SO stunning. This whole week I’ve seen her, she has been stunning.

But for real, I can’t stop thinking about this dress. And look how it makes everyone beside Olivia look really poor. Especially Ashlee Greene, always amateur hour. And it’s a Marchesa?!?

Photos courtesy VitaminWater and from Wenn.com