What are you doing on August 30?

It’s Labour Day weekend. Will you be at the cottage? On holiday somewhere? Working in the yard? BBQ?

Fiona is coming here to Toronto from Vancouver that weekend. We miss each other so much. You think she’s going to mind if I drag her to the One Direction movie on our quality time together? I’m not actually sure she knows what a One Direction is. Does it matter? She’s my best friend. I feel like as my best friend she should be supporting my perving on Harry Styles. As her best friend, maybe I shouldn’t waste two hours of her time perving on Harry Styles. But I just don’t think I can wait.

Here’s Harry Styles, with the other Directions, at a press conference today for This Is Us. Let’s talk about how much I love his summer skin. And his hair. And his eyes. And what happens when he smiles: I turn full Hello Kitty Asian and cover my face with my hands.

This Is Us is apparently in 3D. Shut up! Of course it doesn’t have to be in 3D. I am not complaining. Anyway, if you’re in Toronto on August 30 and you see two old women creeping in line for This Is Us, that’s probably me and poor Fiona. See you there!