Just in case you don"t know who the hell he is - which is a distinct possibility - Ian Somerhalder is/was from Lost. Judging from his Orlando Bloomy pretty boy good looks, he probably has a legion of prepubey girls pledging their devotion. Too delicate for me but perfect for the tween set, I totally get it. Now effeminate beauty I can accept. Full on dork factor is an entirely different matter altogether. Here he is at some movie premiere looking all kindsa wrong. The jacket, the pose, the geeky jeans that are a touch too long, and to top it all off - the friggin" peaceful warrior head gear…. WHAT THE F&CK??? I"m sorry, but this is a dealbreaker. I don"t care how lovely or aesthetically pleasing his face is - walking out of the house like this is a guaranteed lifetime ban. Right then. Can"t wait for the teenage hatemail. Bring it, girls. I"m ready.