Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci celebrated his 40th birthday the other night in Ibiza. Justin Bieber was there. And when he found out Orlando Bloom was on the way, he had his people tell event organisers to turn him away.  Orly ended up leaving. They chose the young Three Whiskers over the old one. Like I’ve been saying, Orly’s coming out the loser here, personally and professionally. Because if his career was in better shape, it wouldn’t have been so easy to turn him away.

According to Page Six, his career is one of the reasons he and Miranda Kerr are no longer together. Apparently Orly is bitter about not being offered good roles anymore. He’s bitter that his management team told him to turn down An Education. He’s bitter that when he tries to take on independent projects, nobody cares. Nobody cares no matter what the project, actually. So, instead, he parties. And for Miranda, that became more and more unattractive. While she can’t stop working, he can’t buy a job. Or maybe she’s just seen him dancing too many times? Click here if you’ve not yet had the chance to enjoy Orly’s moves.

Meanwhile, he’s been puffing his chest out all over the beach like he’s the sh-t because Erica Packer bought him for the month. It might be his most promising career opportunity in a long time.