I asked on Twitter why Olivia Munn was at the Oscars. Someone replied that she was in Magic Mike. Yeah so was Joe Manganiello. You think Joe Manganiello should be at the Oscars?

Still, Olivia Munn had more reason, I guess if you stretch, than John Stamos. Was Uncle Jesse there to play the drums? Or was he there to remind me that my longtime dream of him hooking up with Jennifer Aniston will never happen? He doesn’t even make movies!

But perhaps the most egregious -- the f-ck was Brandi Glanville doing there?


Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife. The one who keeps tweet-fighting with LeAnn Rimes. And I’m sure there are more but I’m too tired to go through the list.

For an organisation that’s all about exclusivity and protecting its prestige, letting in the likes of Brandi Glanville seems way off-brand. Here’s the Academy, all militant about guarding its property, basically ass-f-cking YouTube every time an authorised clip from the show gets posted, and not allowing people to take pictures while wearing their accreditations, focusing so much energy on policing its trademark, and meanwhile, they’re letting Brandi Glanville piss on their red carpet?

I don’t get it.