Now imagine Oscar Isaac singing that to you.



And now he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone. With a dog. And they’re calling him the “internet’s boyfriend”. Yeah well thanks for catching up, like 6 years later!

This is probably the most comprehensive Oscar Isaac profile to date. And it’s well worth the read, even though parts of the read, well, they’re kinda eye-rolly. He’s serious to the point of contrivance and now I’m worried that Oscar isn’t… fun. Also the part where he starts playing his guitar in front of the journalist with his eyes closed killed me a little. Sorry. That’s a personal squick. But the point of a crush is that it’s fragile. And I am fickle, goddamn it. I am fickle. It’s always the small sh-t that jeopardises infatuation, you know?

So I’m going to focus on him telling me that “anything worth doing is worth doing in bed”. That guy. And the pictures.

Oh and PS. Guess who just HAD to show up in an interview that wasn’t even about him?

BB-8! Out of f-cking nowhere!

Click here to read the full Rolling Stone article on Oscar Isaac.