A couple weeks ago, Harrison Ford, who is seventy-one, broke his ankle when a door on the Millennium Falcon set fell on him. At first it was made to sound like no big deal, but over the last couple weeks, rumors have swirled as to the true extent of his injury—maybe he hurt his hip as well, or broke some ribs, or shattered into hundred thousand pieces like glass. All we know for sure is that Harrison Ford, who was twenty-two years old when The Beatles played Ed Sullivan, broke his leg and has undergone surgery to repair it. Even the exact amount of time he’ll be unavailable for filming varies—anywhere from two to six months, depending on the source.

But it is clear that, however long it may be, Harrison Ford, who was in his late thirties during the Iran Hostage Crisis, won’t be working on New New Star Wars for a while. So what to do? Disney wants to release Episode VII in December 2015. They won’t wrap filming till this fall, and then JJ Abrams will have a little more than a year to complete post-production. They’re on a pretty tight schedule already, and losing a principal actor for any amount of time is problematic. Theories have ranged from reorganizing the shooting schedule to delaying the movie’s release till 2016 (not a terrible idea—that could potentially buy Ant-Man some needed time for re-working, too, and stave off the Superhero Apocalypse in May 2016 by booting Captain America 3 from that date).

According to Page Six, though, they’re re-writing the script to decrease Han Solo’s role in the story (it’s been assumed he’s a main character) and increase Oscar Isaac’s part. Nobody knows for sure who Isaac is playing (SECRETY SECRETS), but now he might have more dialogue. That’s fine by me—more Oscar Isaac is always welcome—just so long as it doesn’t jeopardize the quality of Episode VII. I mean, the bar for New Star Wars is god awful low, but the feeling toward New New Star Wars is cautiously optimistic that this won’t fail us as badly as Old New Star Wars did.

Take all of this with a huge grain of salt. I’m still trying to ignore Star Wars rumors, because thanks to The JJ Abrams School of SECRETY SECRETS, there is very little actual fact available. Everything is speculation, including the severity of Ford’s injury, how long it will take him to rehab it, and what the production is doing without him in the meantime. Harrison Ford was twenty-seven years old when the Apollo 11 landed on the moon.