Oscar Isaac was at TIFF last night for The Promise. Although, I SAW HIM FIRST, I did not see him in Toronto. Because my assignment on Sunday was Tom Ford and the Nocturnal Animals carpet which, to be honest, I’m not mad at that. It’s Tom Ford.

Anyway, before heading to the festival, Oscar was in New York at the US Open with his friend Garrett Hedlund. Oscar + Garrett. I keep looking at these shots hoping the heat from them will explode my stanky eye stye. As you know, Oscar and Garrett have worked together on a few projects, including Inside Llewyn Davis and, most recently, Mojave which Sarah reviewed early this year. They sat in the celebrity section with Justin Bartha, Jason Biggs, and his outfit twin Jon Hamm. But, for me, Oscar and Garrett are definitely the main event here. More photos of them hanging out would be much appreciated.