Jezebel asked a very important question yesterday that we must address immediately.

Does This Photo of Oscar Isaac Eating Cheetos Still Make You Want to Sex-Bang Him, Y or N

Here is the photo they’re referring to:

Oscar Isaac is eating Cheetos with chopsticks. The question I have is… Why wouldn’t you want to sex-bang him even more? Or maybe that’s just me.

Because I love Cheetos. Which are NOT cheesy puffs. People often confuse the two. This is a big problem for me because they are totally not the same and Cheetos, crunchy, not fluffy, are obviously WAY BETTER. But the spicy ones? OMG. They are life-changing. No all-nighter is complete without spicy Cheetos. I had them last year for the Oscars. I had them this year for the Oscars. I hope to have them always for the Oscars. The fact that Oscar is eating them? It’s like, for a moment, the world has been righted.

The fact that he’s eating them with chopsticks, a superior utensil, so as to avoid messy fingers?

It’s magic, that’s what it f-cking is.

You eat Cheetos with chopsticks and you eat popcorn with a spoon. Already the human race is improved for it.

PS. One more thing: I SAW HIM FIRST.