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Sarah is a film critic and entertainment writer. She is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and can also be found writing at and @Cinesnark. She didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose her.

Lupita Nyong’o in a zom-com

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 18, 2019 19:29:26 October 18, 2019 19:29:26
MediaPunch/ Bauer-Griffin/ Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

Five years after the apogee of zombies in pop culture, Little Monsters arrives from Australia, a zombie comedy (zom-com) with little in the way of either zombies or comedy. Lupita Nyong’o does what she can with her natural luminous presence, but she cannot rescue an entire movie from the doldrums solely on the power of her ukulele cover of “Shake It Off” Full Story

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson: Farts and Loneliness in The Lighthouse

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 18, 2019 17:56:21 October 18, 2019 17:56:21
David M. Benett/ Getty Images

I saw The Lighthouse at TIFF, and five weeks later, I am still not sure I actually like this film. I admire it, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it, but did I enjoy it? Does enjoyment even matter when a film is so specifically evocative and provoking? “Like” is too small a concept for a film as extravagantly strange as The Lighthouse. Full Story

Paul Dano > Jonah Hill

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 17, 2019 19:34:40 October 17, 2019 19:34:40
Dan MacMedan/ WireImage

There was a report circulating for the last month that Jonah Hill was in talks for a villainous role in The Batman, with everyone guessing who he could be playing and how much he would get paid (the Penguin and $10 million were betting favorites). Full Story

The Addams Family doesn’t understand Wednesday 

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 16, 2019 19:00:36 October 16, 2019 19:00:36
Jon Kopaloff/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

The latest cinematic outing for the first family of weird is the animated The Addams Family, an attempt to rebrand the Addamses for the new millennium, or possibly just an exercise in brand management, as the whole thing feels like it exists solely to renew an IP license. The Addams Family is from directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, who were previously accused of treating their Sausage Party Full Story

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Jungle Cruise is just The Mummy (the good one)

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 15, 2019 19:02:50 October 15, 2019 19:02:50

The first trailer for Jungle Cruise, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, has arrived and I do not have time for this half-dressed bullsh-t, do not try to fool me, I know The Mummy (the good one) when I see it. This is just The Mummy (the good one) dressed up for the jungle instead of the desert. Full Story

Dolittle’s majestic racist dog

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 15, 2019 18:05:55 October 15, 2019 18:05:55

Despite being one of the world’s biggest movie stars, outside of Marvel, Robert Downey. Jr. hasn’t had a lot of luck. His cold streak does not look set to end any time soon as his first post-Endgame role is playing Dr. Dolittle in a movie called, simply, Dolittle. There is a growing air of tragedy here as rebooting Dr. Full Story

Day drink with Charlie’s Angels

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 11, 2019 16:48:30 October 11, 2019 16:48:30

When the first trailer for Elizabeth Banks’s reboot (of a reboot) of Charlie’s Angels was released, I said, “I hope the next one gives us more of the Angels interacting.” Well guess what? It does! A new trailer has arrived and it focuses more on the trio of new Angels just hanging around, being lady spies and day drinking. Full Story

Martin Scorsese vs. Marvel

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 9, 2019 13:44:16 October 9, 2019 13:44:16

Sometimes a thing happens and I think, Please, please can we just let that slide? We don’t have to get worked up about everything, and some things really, truly, are not that important. Sometimes it’s okay to not have an opinion, or to let others have a different opinion. There are important things worth fighting for, and then there are what movies other people like and how that doesn’t affect you. Full Story

A Spendy Christmas Carol

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 9, 2019 12:57:10 October 9, 2019 12:57:10
Drew Altizer/ WENN

Apple TV+ has not yet launched, but they are the winners of a bidding war over a musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol, starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The exact number is not known, but when have we ever heard a reasonable number for a streaming deal? They probably paid nine figures for this, I'm gonna say, mess. Full Story

Joker is an inevitable hit

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 7, 2019 19:41:33 October 7, 2019 19:41:33
Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

It’s official, Joker is a hit, setting a new October opening weekend record with a $96 million opening weekend. This is more than Justice League ($93.8 million). Joker is a hit, Justice League is a flop, and the difference lies mostly in their budgets and a little bit in their ratings. R-rated movies are never expected to perform as well as more audience-friendly PG-13 movies, though we have seen a number of R-rated blockbusters recently (the Deadpool and It franchises). Full Story

Leave room for 1917

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 4, 2019 20:13:30 October 4, 2019 20:13:30

1917 is a World War I movie directed by Sam Mendes. I keep getting this confused with Peter Jackson’s colorized documentary about World War I, They Shall Not Grow Old. I don’t know why, they don’t really look anything alike beyond the surface similarities of setting, but I keep forgetting 1917 is a movie that is coming out this year. Full Story