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Maria spent 7 years as a managing editor of a digital women's magazine and has used that expertise to analyze the intersection of celebrity and lifestyle as an entertainment writer. Beyond LaineyGossip, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Salon, Flare and HuffPost. She's also a frequent guest contributor on CTV Morning Live Vancouver.

Celebrity Social Media, January 24, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 24, 2020 20:05:25 January 24, 2020 20:05:25

So if you were wondering why Halsey 9/11 was trending on Twitter last night, my dumbass can unfortunately explain what happened. Pitchfork posted a review of Halsey’s new album Manic. It is a mixed review, not overly positive or negative, written by Rawiya Kameir (you can read it here Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 23, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 23, 2020 20:02:04 January 23, 2020 20:02:04

Michael Che and Colin Jost are known to be prickly babies on the Internet. Basically they, particularly Che, seek out people who don’t think SNL is funny and they get huffy about it. This story in The Outline is by writer and podcaster Jack Allison who has been in a months-long feud online feud with Che. Full Story

Jessica Simpson tells her stories 

Maria Posted by Maria at January 23, 2020 18:12:52 January 23, 2020 18:12:52
People Magazine

Jessica Simpson is on the cover of PEOPLE to promote her upcoming memoir, Open Book. She’s leading with a big admission: that she had a problem with pills and alcohol but is now sober. (The PEOPLE excerpt also includes details of her childhood sexual abuse.)           Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 22, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 22, 2020 19:25:28 January 22, 2020 19:25:28
Morgan Lieberman/ Gregg DeGuire/ Getty Images

Whoever wrote this non-story does not have a long gossip memory, because everyone knows that Aspen is the Hawn/Russell/Hudson happy place. They’ve been going there for years (with Melanie Griffith and family).           Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 20, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 20, 2020 19:44:10 January 20, 2020 19:44:10
Kevin Mazur/ John Shearer/ Steve Granitz/ Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

JLo’s signature glow hasn’t been as bright this award season. It could be because of her schedule (she is rehearsing for the Super Bowl) or I’m reading into it because she didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, something she of course wanted (because, as Eddie Murphy said in Vanity Fair, who wouldn’t want it?). Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 17, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 17, 2020 18:46:03 January 17, 2020 18:46:03
Emma McIntyre/ Amy Sussman/ Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images

Justin Timberlake is back on Instagram to congratulate the Neptunes for their induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. But this is JT and so the ME always jumps out. He frames the congratulations against the backdrop of his career: thank you for helping ME find my voice, thank you for helping ME find my identity, thank you for mentoring ME, thank you for inspiring ME. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 16, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 16, 2020 18:49:52 January 16, 2020 18:49:52
Amy Sussman/ Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

At a Television Critics Association’s press tour, Heidi Klum, who was a judge on America’s Got Talent, responded to a question about her time on America’s Got Talent, saying it was “amazing” and “I can't speak for [Gabrielle]. I didn't experience the same thing. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 15, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 15, 2020 18:49:58 January 15, 2020 18:49:58
JC Olivera/ Getty Images

I usually post about celebrity birthday wishes but I’m changing it up to a congratulatory message. This one is from GP and it is for her cousin Sam and his wife, Jenna. Gwyneth is glowing, per usual, Brad is looking at her adoringly (his default setting) and the groom looks handsome, but the bride? We don’t know about her expression because her back is turned to the camera. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 14, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 14, 2020 19:00:19 January 14, 2020 19:00:19
Instagram/ Lizzo

After the Golden Globes, Beyoncé posted a martini photo (scroll through the photo album to see it). Some of her fans were speculating that it could be a hint about the latest Bond movie. They would be wrong – Billie Eillish will be performing the new theme song. Billie is 18, I wonder if she’s ever seen a Bond movie? I don’t remember ever watching one as a teenager, but maybe Daniel Craig is more palatable to young people? As for Beyoncé’s next project (beyond Ivy Park x Adidas), we don’t know. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, January 13, 2020

Maria Posted by Maria at January 13, 2020 18:45:10 January 13, 2020 18:45:10

The Oscar noms are out and while I don’t have Lainey or Sarah’s insight into films, I think I am part of the target audience for the show. On a surface level, this nominee list is boring as hell. The Academy wants to draw in an audience and I’m not saying everything has to be Avengers, but besides Bradley Pitt, show me the pizzazz. Full Story