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Maria spent 7 years as a managing editor of a digital women's magazine and has used that expertise to analyze the intersection of celebrity and lifestyle as an entertainment writer. Beyond LaineyGossip, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Salon, Flare and HuffPost. She's also a frequent guest contributor on CTV Morning Live Vancouver.

Celebrity Social Media, October 22, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 22, 2019 17:29:35 October 22, 2019 17:29:35
Marco Garcia/ Getty Images

I hope I’m not giving anything away for our Australian readers, but this has been on Instagram for 24 hours so I assume it’s OK. Cody Simpson won The Masked Singer Australia and Lindsay Lohan said she guessed correctly. (Is that true? Can I get a confirmation on that from someone who watched the show?) This Tanya Hennessy interview (she is wonderful – am I a dumbass for not knowing this?) is so good. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 21, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 21, 2019 18:13:14 October 21, 2019 18:13:14

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have already blended their families, so blending their brands is of course the next logical step. They started with a line of sunglasses (alongside Quay) and have now moved on to partnering with a company that creates frozen meals, available at Walmart. It’s certainly mass market, but as of today, neither have mentioned it on their main social feed. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 18, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 18, 2019 17:29:17 October 18, 2019 17:29:17
Debra L Rothenberg/ Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

It’s kind of amazing The Rock hasn’t written (or “written”) his biography yet. His story is perfect for it, but maybe he’s waiting until he launches a political career? Curious to see if he endorses anyone for 2020.          Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 17, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 17, 2019 18:17:51 October 17, 2019 18:17:51
Tommaso Boddi/ Paul Archuleta/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

On October 4, PEOPLE confirmed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s third child was born, but there was no mention of boy or girl, or date or time. With this new photo he posted, the assumption is that the new baby is a girl. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 16, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 16, 2019 17:16:07 October 16, 2019 17:16:07
Fernando Ramales/ T.JACKSON/ BACKGRID

She means the video game Fortnite, not the British term for two-weeks time. And the former is impossible to explain. But she also said at one time she was a gamer?  What’s fortnight — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 15, 2019 Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 15, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 15, 2019 17:40:20 October 15, 2019 17:40:20
Instagram/ Courteney Cox

The biggest story in social media today is Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram, which Lainey wrote about here. Jen was one of the biggest holdouts and as Lainey mentioned, there’s now a short list of A-listers who don’t partake: Brad, Angelina, George, Sandra, Keanu. Full Story

Succession is our Best Boy

Maria Posted by Maria at October 11, 2019 16:12:08 October 11, 2019 16:12:08

Succession is our best boy, but it’s also a revolting little worm, a Tomlette (made by breaking a few Greggs), and French baguette upside the head. There is no doubt that Succession is our collective Game of Thrones rebound – just as that show was falling apart, Succession was there to pick up the pieces of slow-burn storytelling, GIF-able reaction shots and tyrannical empire building. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 10, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 10, 2019 17:22:35 October 10, 2019 17:22:35
Instagram / Candice Bergen

The replies to this are amazing. “Let It Go” has a whole new meaning.  Tip: When making a sex tape, play Disney music in the background. That way, if it gets leaked online, Disney attorneys will have them all taken down. — /dan/null (@NoTalentAC) October 8, 2019 Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 9, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 9, 2019 17:54:18 October 9, 2019 17:54:18
Patriot Pics/ BackGrid

We all know a guitar party guy - you can find him in the corner playing Stairway to Heaven. Cody Simpson is taking that to the next level by bringing a rose and his strings to Miley Cyrus’s hospital room. They’ve been hanging out for just the right amount of time that she finds this sweet. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, October 8, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at October 8, 2019 17:36:15 October 8, 2019 17:36:15
Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

A story appeared over the weekend about Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks having beef and I am intrigued. Both of these men have a reputation for being kind and professional, and that is not something either of them could fake for decades. But they worked on Turner and Hooch together and there were some issues – Henry was the director, and then he wasn’t. Full Story