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Sarah is a film critic and entertainment writer. She is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and can also be found writing at and @Cinesnark. She didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose her.

Chris Evans has reached the defensive stage

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 6, 2020 16:03:21 April 6, 2020 16:03:21
Jerod Harris/ Getty Images

In the ten years(!!) I have been writing about celebrity, Chris Evans has undergone an evolution. At the beginning of my tenure with LaineyGossip, I wondered about his ability to make Captain America, a fuddy-duddy B-list superhero, work for modern audiences. Around that time, he was going through his bro phase of celebrity, coming across in interviews as “Guy you want to have a beer with”, and indeed, one of his interviewers did, and the result was a rather appallingly exploitative Full Story

Re-View: John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 31, 2020 20:09:17 March 31, 2020 20:09:17

On Christmas Eve, John Mulaney dropped a surprise comedy special, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. We didn’t talk about it then, but now is a great time to come back around to it, because Sack Lunch Bunch is about the gentle art of coping with anxiety, brought to you by a comedian, a bunch of precocious children, and a slew of guest stars. Full Story

Crossover Madness

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 27, 2020 18:21:40 March 27, 2020 18:21:40

Two things have happened this month: the NCAA cancelled the March Madness basketball tournament, and Westworld featured a surprise Game of Thrones cameo this week. Having HBO’s biggest show cross over with its try-hardiest show in the same month that there is no March Madness is surely a sign that the universe wants us to figure out the best possible combination of TV show crossovers by doing loosely organized, nonsensical brackets of potential crossovers and pitting them against each other. Full Story

Chris Evans is a sad dad

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 26, 2020 14:50:08 March 26, 2020 14:50:08
YouTube/ Apple TV

Chris Evans continues his post-Marvel streak of playing very un-Captain America characters, playing a sad dad in Defending Jacob, a morally ambiguous family drama coming to Apple TV next month. Movies might be offline right now, but television trucks on, uninterrupted (for now, the production shutdowns will catch up to the television schedule eventually), so Defending Jacob will be a new thing to look at on April 24. Full Story