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Sarah is a film critic and entertainment writer. She is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and can also be found writing at and @Cinesnark. She didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose her.

Gerard Butler in Angel Has Fallen

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 23, 2019 20:03:55 August 23, 2019 20:03:55
Alexander Tamargo/ Getty Images

Gerard Butler—who is basically Jason Statham without the charm, or Chuck Norris with a Scottish accent—makes a certain kind movie. His movies are dependably bad, his performances are reliably wooden, he never has chemistry with anyone on screen. His movies always feature some combination of the following: Gerard Butler is THE BEST! Disdain for science/nerds/higher education Pro-military Gerard Butler doesn’t take orders, HE GIVES THEM Borderline homoeroticism You can set clocks by the Gerard Butler Checklist, his formula is so reliable Full Story

Keri Russell has Antlers

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 21, 2019 19:23:23 August 21, 2019 19:23:23
Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

I have not watched The Americans, because I have weird middle-child resentment toward The Americans for pulling focus from Justified and I don’t care if that’s unrational, Justified was wonderful but the minute The Americans showed up everyone was like, Oh look at this drama that’s all about a specific time and place that has conflicted antiheroes and complicated lawmen, never mind that Justified was already doing that and also it predicted Trump’s America, which makes Justified super weird to watch now, but whatever, it’s fine. Full Story

The Other Bombshell

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 21, 2019 17:44:22 August 21, 2019 17:44:22
YouTube/ One Media

Recently, the title “Bombshell” has been most affiliated with Hedy Lamarr, who has been relaunched into public awareness largely thanks to a documentary called Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. However, there is a new Bombshell on the block, and it’s the story of Roger Ailes’ downfall starring Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron. Full Story

More Matrix, I guess?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 21, 2019 15:48:14 August 21, 2019 15:48:14
Youtube/ MovieClips

Live from the heart of the Keanuaissance, comes the shocking announcement that The Matrix 4 is happening, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss set to reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively, and Lana Wachowski is returning to write, direct, and produce. Notably, her sister, Lilly Wachowski, is not involved. Full Story

Good Boys is actually good

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 20, 2019 19:24:18 August 20, 2019 19:24:18
Wenn, Kevin Winter/ Kevin Kopaloff/ Paul Archuleta/ Getty Images

This summer has seen a greater than ever divide between the haves (Disney) and the have nots (everyone else) at the box office, but Good Boys opened over the weekend with $21 million, making it only the third original movie to top the box office THIS YEAR (yikes on bikes crashing into a guardrail), and providing another hit for Universal. Full Story

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GLOW is one of the best shows you’re not watching

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 15, 2019 16:29:59 August 15, 2019 16:29:59
Jim Spellman/ Getty Images

In its third season, GLOW finds itself in a rut. The show-within-a-show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, has relocated to Las Vegas to do a stint as a floor show at the fictional Fan-Tan Casino. Rooted in one place and doing the same show every night becomes tedious, and it forces everyone to question what it would take to get out of their own unique rut. Full Story

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