The (first) premiere (of many) for Ant-Man was last night in Los Angeles, and Paul Rudd and his time-defying face were there to christen his new superhero movie. This is being billed as Rudd’s “first” leading-man role, because he’s known best to general audiences for being an ensemble player in comedies like The 40 Year Old Virgin and Anchorman. He’s fronted movies before, though, like This is 40 and Prince Avalanche, but this IS his first big studio movie where he is top billed star. Marvel remade RDJ’s career. Will it remake Rudd’s? Maybe. RDJ went full-corporate after Iron Man, doubling down on franchises with Sherlock Holmes and happily feeding himself into The Machine. Somehow, I don’t see Paul Rudd running out and booking more franchises and becoming a power player.

Besides, as good as Rudd is in Ant-Man, it’s Michael Pena who’s poised to be the movie’s break out star. He is GREAT. He gets all the best lines and has the most memorable scene in the movie, and if there’s any justice in the world Ant-Man will be the moment everyone realizes that Michael Pena is terrific and should be in everything. Pena was at the premiere with cute glasses and his steezy son. Tip “TI” Harris was also there and also wearing cute glasses. Eyewear was definitely a trend last night. Corey Stoll is making a case for your Freebie Five while rocking a classic villain double-breasted suit, and Michael Douglas looked like he was really enjoying himself, which fits with what I’ve heard about how much fun he had on the Ant-Man set. He really got into making a comic book movie.

I also would like to draw attention to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who is super cute and also read this hilarious acceptance speech on behalf of Chris Pratt at the Saturn Awards over the weekend. Pratt + Gunn 4Eva.

As for the ladies of Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly and Judy Greer, were there, too. Lilly revealed she’s pregnant, and her dress is pretty standard but and I LOVE her clutch. As much as we all love Judy Greer, though, let’s be honest. Her dress looks like a failed Project Runway challenge. It would be fine if it weren’t for the way the black fabric looks like it’s literally just tacked onto the rest of the dress. It looks unfinished, as Tim Gunn would say.

But seriously, Michael Pena. He’s going to get the biggest bump from Ant-Man.