Here’s Josh Hutcherson at the GQ Men of the Year party last night. Yeah, no, I am

A few of you pointed out the other day during the liveblog that Peeta was always the underdog and Gale was the one who was stronger and I get that, I do, but remember, in the end, she has to make babies with him.


Do it right now.

Close your eyes and picture it.

Like, I have an easier time believing she could make a baby with Justin Bieber, you know what I’m saying?

Also, someone needs to pull down his jacket. I want to pull down and adjust his jacket. The way a mother would before the class picture like he’s wearing a big boy suit for the first time.

You know who wore his suit really well though?

Chris Pine.

And you know, Chris Pine doesn’t usually work for me, like, ever. But this is a really great suit. And, I dunno, I don’t really mind looking at him here. At all. In fact, I’m almost kind of enjoying it. What is happening to me? I think it’s Peeta.I cannot deal with this Peeta.