First of all, I’ve never had to defend liking such a critically acclaimed show as I do Game Of Thrones. I know my TV tastes usually run to people ranting their feelings at length. But I am addicted to this show and no, I don’t usually watch fantasy, and yes, the show is way, way worth it by the end of the first episode, let alone the nine awesome hours that follow. In the first season alone.

Anyway, I can’t really describe for you what makes Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister so awesome, except to say that he’s got the swagger.  Lannister is super wealthy, funny, sexy, but in the vague-middle-ages when the show is set, his short stature isn’t exactly something he can trade on – except he kind of does.    It’s the kind of part that could have been an afterthought …

But Dinklage onscreen is the way he was onstage tonight.  Firm and definite in what he says, but definitely not afraid of a joke.  It could be at his expense if necessary – he’s certainly secure enough – but he’s also quick and funny enough that it never even comes up.  He’s got the punchline ready every time.

The swagger extends, of course, to how smoothly he brought up the topic he wanted to discuss.  Martin Henderson, who he told us to google, was hurt badly when he was literally tossed on the ground outside a pub, following the English Rugby Team’s attending a ‘dwarf-tossing weekend’, which Henderson thinks sparked the idea for the assault.

It’s repulsive.  It’s upsetting.  It’s the kind of thing that A, you can’t believe ACTUALLY HAPPENS AND IS CALLED THAT, but  B, that a lot of people wouldn’t bring up because it might ‘dampen the mood’  or ‘the Globes aren’t the place for it’.

The Globes were the place.  Because Dinklage had a massive audience.   He had the balls to do it and not to worry about whether it was appropriate.  He’s going to enjoy his win even more because he said what he wanted to.

That’s serious swagger.  I bet anything he’s the most popular guy at the parties tonight.  And he knows it, too.  And he loves it.  And that’s cool.