EW announced yesterday that Peter Krause has signed onto The Catch, which is the newest drama from Shondaland in which a professional player proceeds to get played. The player is Mireille Enos so everyone else likes to say ‘oh, from The Killing’ but to me she will always be from Big Love which, if you haven’t seen it, is the original binge-able show.

But Krause’s addition here is notable for two reasons. One, the trailer (and assumedly pilot) for The Catch were already great. It was always going to get lots of attention, even if the roles were entirely filled with new faces, as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal largely were. 

Second, after six seasons on Parenthood as the de facto male lead, and years on Six Feet Under before that, Krause’s quote – the rate he’d make for a given episode – is not small. So for Shondaland to pay that means they really want him in the role – and again, that doesn’t mean they need him. The same set of circumstances also means he doesn’t need to work. Like, yeah, there were some salary issues in Parenthood’s sixth season, but dude has been a lead for over 10 years. He’s doing well. He must have wanted to play this part specifically.

Net-net (which is an expression I’ve always wanted to use, how’d I do?), Shondaland thinks Krause is worth the money. Krause thinks the show is worth his time - and arguably a six-year commitment, which is often standard for series regulars. This means the show seems GOOD. Ergo, I’m more excited to watch. The power of positive casting, huh?