Let’s play Photo Assumption, the not very accurate game of gossip, with Nicki Minaj’s expressions through the show last night at the American Music Awards. At any point, do you think she looked around and asked herself why the f-ck she bothered?

It cannot have been lost on Nicki that many of her peers, the ones she considers to be on her level, weren’t there. And yes, of course she was there to collect both of her awards. But are two AMAs worth sitting through I Can’t Ariana Grande? And having to take a picture with her brother?



Oh hey Frankie 😘

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I’m curious as to whether or not famous people text each other to confirm what goes down at these things. Like can Nicki reach out to Taylor and Katy and Beyonce and be like, hey, are you going to the AMAs? Not unlike the way you and I might reach out to our associates, for lack of a better word, to ask if they’re going to whoever’s party, and judge the worthiness of it based on who will be there. We all do this. So the question is – did she? Because on career and strategy, if I’m Nicki and her people, I’m reassessing this decision.