Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer announced their separation earlier this week. When Maria wrote about it she noted that while Tobey had occasionally been seen with the Wolf Pack and Leo through the years at clubs like 1OAK, he wasn’t exactly backing up Leo on the regular. And then, a day later, TMZ posted photos of Tobey at 1OAK from October 1 talking to Sofia Richie. Sofia is 18 years old, Leonardo DiCaprio’s favourite age. So from there the easy assumption is that Tobey, now in his 40s, having been “domesticated” for so long, was eager to reclaim his place in the Pussy Posse. And that Leonardo DiCaprio may have even encouraged it.

Thing is, as Maria observed, Leo and Jen Meyer were close. And I was told by multiple sources this week that even well before Tobey and Jen started dating, she was very well-liked in the circle – not just because of her dad, Ron Meyer, but because she’s always been smart and interesting and, the word that came up over and over again, “cool”. As one source explained it, “Tobey was the movie star, yeah. But it actually made him cooler when she wanted to go out with him. She’s the kind of person that everybody wants to hang out with and people just assume that it’s about Hollywood connections but she’s really fun and so cool”.

So, where the breakup is concerned, according to the sources, it had less to do with wanting to rejoin the Pussy Posse than it had to do with Jen’s cool factor eclipsing Tobey’s. The way I understand it, she’s not the one upset and feeling like she’s been abandoned by her husband after two kids – this is not her story, even though it’s the “conventional” story. The story I’m hearing is that Jennifer Meyer is fine. Doing really well. And if there’s anyone who’s hurting, or who may have wanted to hang on, it would have been him. The way it was described to me, “Jen’s pretty optimistic about what’s to come. Tobey seems to be the one who has to figure out what comes next”. And then, a little shade. “She’s busier than he is. He’s not busy at all.”

Maybe, then, re-establishing himself as a full-time member of the Pussy Posse isn’t so much about pussy but about…a job?