The last time a group of comely young singers came together for a musical movie sequel about a choir; it was Sister Act 2 - a movie which, no joke, has informed my friendships, my wedding, my career. And which, it goes without saying, far surpassed the kick-ass-in-its-own-right original. There is nothing wrong with a surprise sequel to a choir movie. 

So my expectations for Pitch Perfect 2 are sky-high and they are liable to get higher before May 15, because slow-emotional Cups gets me, Rebel Wilson looking increasingly joyous in each shot gets me, a parentheses joke definitely gets me.   

In fact, that’s what I hope we don’t lose. The whole nerd angle is really important to me, and important to a capella nerds. My favourite tweet of the morning (and there have been MANY, and some of them aren’t even related to Serial - Thursdays are made for me obviously) was from my friend Emily, about nodes, because when I saw this movie with her, the “nodes” joke, which is utterly insider, was when I went from giggling to outright cackling, thrashing with pleasure and kicking the back of the seat in front of me, so difficult was it to contain my joy.

Also, I like that it’s still about the singing. It’s only one of what I assume will be one million trailers, but there aren’t a lot of references to romance, or the guy who got away, and I appreciate that, because the “don’t sleep with the Treblemakers” plot was the only one that went nowhere, which is fine, because the romance is between the Bellas. That’s the premise of the first movie and it’s clearly the sentiment of this trailer.

So I hope, as it gets bigger and badder (Elizabeth Banks refers to a worldwide competition and there are accents, which I know are automatic comedy for many), that we retain a little of the quiet nerdcore that got us here in the first place. I know we’re all supposed to embrace that we’re nerds together, but there are some of us who were harmonizing and wearing matching lame uniforms way before Hollywood said it was cool, and I hope, like the nodes joke, that there are extras just for us.

(Fart noise)