Back in October, Andrew Upton was pictured in Sydney with his arm around actress Harriet Dyer. The Daily Mail published the photos and while there was nothing obviously incriminating about them, as I posted at the time, that body language made me uncomfortable. As I also wrote, however, Cate and Andrew have both a personal and professional relationship. They are a theatre couple. If there ever was space for an unconventional relationship, it would be in the theatre.

Here they are yesterday at the cast photocall for The Present which Andrew adapted from Chekhov’s Platanov. This production was initially staged in Sydney. Previews begin on December 17th. Let’s play Photo Assumption, a game I’d probably never think to apply to these two if not for the aforementioned photos of Andrew. But now that we’ve seen those, what do you make of these? It’s the first time Cate and Andrew have posed for photos together at an official event since the Golden Globes back in January. If you didn’t know they were married, would you ever think they were married? Or are they in colleague mode, standing among their peers, co-workers on this occasion instead of life partners?