Prince Albert and Serene Charlene of Monaco presented their newborn twins, Jacques and Gabriella, today on the palace balcony. They were born on December 10. It was a big deal. Thousands of people gathered outside the palace. Church bells were ringing. Cannon shots were released – 21 for each baby. Today is a public holiday to celebrate the occasion. And it’s the most delighted Serenity has ever looked on that balcony. Normally all we ever see from that balcony is awkwardness. Like this:

It’s everything, of course. It’s the joy of becoming a mother. It’s the relief of having fulfilled her duty. But then you have to raise them. I’m not a parent but even I know that there’s never relief in raising them. And these two will be raised royal. Grimaldi royal. That’s a whole other kind of drama. And fun. Like over in England they’re trying to tame Big G Cambridge. If he was born a Grimaldi though… can you imagine?