But this time with twins.

Prince Albert and Charlene of Serenity greeted the crowd from the palace balcony in Monaco today during the National Day Parade. They kissed. And once again it was awkward. Maybe all balcony kisses are awkward. You know you’re being stared at, you don’t want to look like you’re counting down to each other during the approach…

But Albert is particularly bad at this sh-t. In public, that is. In private, well, the dude has two illegitimate children, so, as gross as this visual might be, he’s familiar with putting parts in different places. I think it’s the shape of his lips. You have to be a prince to get away with those lips.

As you know, Albert and Serene Charlene are expecting twins by the end of the year. Soon. These are the two who will be officially recognised by the principality. Which must f-cking suck for his other kids. Word is he’s not all that present for his son Alexandre. Click here for more details. And supposedly he’s in and out of his daughter Jazmin’s life too. Click here to read more about that. By the way, it took him a while to formally acknowledge Jazmin and Alexandre as his.

So, yeah, I’m OK with talking about how skeevy his lips are.