Babies all look the same, really, when they’re as young as Princess Charlotte. I mean come on, could you really pick her out in a baby lineup? That’s why, even in her first portraits, her brother is the star. It’s all about Big G. It’s always about Big G.

Big G evidently took a break from sitting on his sister some time in May to allow her to rest on him instead as their mother lovingly held the camera. Indeed, Kensington Palace confirmed on Saturday that these shots were taken by Princess Catherine herself at Anmer Hall. Everyone’s freaking out about the one of Big G kissing his sister but I prefer this angle:



Look at his expression. Mother, are you done yet? You have about 2 minutes before I get off this couch and start terrorising the dog again. That, by the way, is probably the reason poor Lupo hasn’t been included in these pictures. Because Big G has psychologically tortured him for over two years. Who do you think he’s smiling at in this photo?



That’s a smile full of promise. Like I promise as soon as I’m done here, I’m grabbing on to your tail and not letting go.

Charlotte’s christening is happening in a month so we’ll get to see Big G and a bigger Charlotte again in less than a month.