Kensington Palace released photos today of Big G going to school for the first time. These photos appear to be taken by Princess Catherine. That’s a big backpack. To match his ego. What’s in there though, seriously? Several changes of clothing? Is he JLO now?



Some kids are criers on their first day. I think I was. I’m pretty sure I remember not wanting to go inside. I can actually still feel the terror. Clearly Big G does not belong in the crier group. In fact, he looks pretty excited. He looks eager. He looks like he can’t wait. Look at him, pointing. Is it only impolite to point when you’re not going to be the King of England? He’s pointing at his subjects (victims). He’s pointing at his new target practice.

Also, as my friend Traci Melchor just pointed out, Big G totally has the Windsor hairline.