British gossips are reporting that there’s a new blonde in Prince Harry’s life. Her name is Cressida Bonas (we will come back to this). She’s the model daughter of a former model. She is friends with Princess Eugenie. She went to the right schools. She is 23. And they were together at the afterparty for The Dark Knight Rises the other night, arriving separately but eventually making out in a corner inside.

Many of you may be too young to remember the Toyota Cressida. I always wanted one. I think because there was a really cool girl several grades above me who drove a Toyota Cressida and I wondered every day, when she pulled out of the parking lot, laughing with her friends, where they were going and whether or not I’d be able to go there when I was reached her age. Cressida came up later on in university during my Women In The Classics course. Shakespeare’s Cressida was complicated and pragmatic. She was loving and deceitful. She protected, she betrayed, she was intelligent, insightful, unprincipled, and she was...a survivor.

Is it too much to hope that Harry’s new girl was christened in this spirit?

We do still encourage people to learn about how they were named, don’t we? I wonder though if not’s not more likely these days if, erm, that’s just where she was conceived.