Have you ever hooked up at a wedding? We were talking about this in the office this morning at The Social.

I've hooked up a lot. But never, ever at a wedding. Two reasons: I like hanging out with my friends and dancing my balls off. Also...


Duana always laughs at me about this when we talk about her wedding. I was the MC. And during my opening remarks, after I'd said something sort of provocative, I leaned into the microphone and apologised to the "grownups". I was 38 years old at the time, well within range of being a "grownup" myself. But there were parents around. Like her parents. Real parents. Grownup parents!

What if a grownup parent walked in on you grinding up on one of the groomsmen?

Anyway, evidently the presence of grownup parents didn't deter Hot Harry when he was at Guy Pelly's wedding a couple of weeks ago. According to US Weekly, he hooked up with a blonde socialite (are they any other kinds?) at the event. Apparently she’s from money. And he got her attention by “twerking”. Bull f-cking sh-t. Like he needed to “twerk” to have her attention? Come on now.

After the wedding, he took her back to where he was staying. The implication, obviously, is that they banged. And US Weekly says she’s been “bragging about it to friends”. Um, yeah. Wouldn’t you? I mean the bragging pretty much guarantees there won’t be a next time but there’s a girl who made a decision to go for the sure thing, one night, instead of an almost impossible maybe future. Pragmatic. I like it.

Here’s Harry today in London tweeting his support for the Invictus Games.