In my opinion, Hot Harry is the only one who has any business challenging my Chris Pratt prediction.

Arguments for:
-Harry turned 30 in September, just meeting that age criteria, and showing a lot more maturity the last couple of years.
-He’s been so visible, so helpful, so committed in his official duties, and much more present than his brother, which is why he was recently voted the most popular royal, even more than the Queen.
-So yeah, no, he’s not an actor or a musician, and that doesn’t meet the criteria I listed in the introduction, but, um, he’s a PRINCE. There’s been one other non-entertainer in Sexiest Man Alive history. You know who that was? JFK Jr., the American prince. The point is, princes are exceptions. 
-He looks great in uniform
-He’s the scamp of his family and that actually works for the American anti-royal sensibility. Much more relatable that way.
-He’s single right now. He’s the most eligible bachelor in the world. Dream! Dream those dreams!

Arguments against:
-Just one: He certainly wouldn’t agree to it. No photo shoot, definitely no interview. Otherwise, he’s a GREAT choice.

Odds: 5 to 1

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That’s it. Do you think I missed anyone? Let me know. PEOPLE will release the Sexiest Man Alive issue very soon.