Prince Harry’s best friend Thomas Van BeeZee is marrying Lady Melissa Percy tomorrow in a castle, obviously, in Northumberland. Because her father is the Duke of Northumberland. It’s one of the Duke’s THREE castles, along with holdings all over other parts of England.

Will and Hot Harry were at Van BeeZee’s stag a couple of weeks ago. Click here for a refresher. They were supposed to be joined by Katy Cambridge for the wedding but UK gossips are saying that she’s now pulled out, fearing early labour. This is coming from The Sun though, so, you know.

But, um, who cares.

Who cares when we may have a Hot Harry Love Triangle to look forward to?

Harry, as you know, used to love Chelsy Davy. Lady Melissa Percy is tight with Chelsy Davy. Rumour has it, those girls don’t get on with Cressida Bonas...who is currently Harry’s bonafide. The British papers are saying that Cressida will be there. As Harry’s guest. If the British papers are right, and she does show up, does that mean they’ve buried the Girl Sh-t? Or does it mean Harry’s making the Girl Sh-t even worse by insisting on bringing his girl? And what if he’s only bringing his new girl to see how it makes his old girl feel? As you know, I’ve always theorised that Harry will love Chelsy forever -- he’s Charles to her Camilla. At this wedding, as soon as the grownups go to bed, given this crowd, and this crowd can party, it will get messy. Messy like Harry finding himself in a secret alcove with one of his blondes...

It’s just a matter of knowing which one.

Attached -- Cressida at a pre-Wimbledon event yesterday and Chelsy, today, at Alnwick Castle, “larking around”(I love this expression), with the bride Lady Melissa Percy, after the rehearsal. Look at how much fun Chelsy is having. She’s a good time girl. I mean, how will Harry resist it?