I’ve sure you’ve seen the photos of Prince William skiing… which is fine… only he was on a ski trip with his friends when the other senior royals, including his dad, his brother, and his uncles, joined the Queen for Commonwealth Day service. And, well, it’s not a good look. It a really hard look to justify. Especially since Commonwealth Day is said to be very close to the Queen’s heart. And especially since William is aware that he’s been labelled “work-shy” by the British media. The palace is aware of that description too. 

So the fact that all the high ranking people in his family were there, and he wasn’t, and instead was on holiday… it’s not a good look. It’s actually a very bad look. It looks like he doesn’t take his royal duties seriously. It looks like he would rather be drinking beers on the mountain than repping his family and working.

I wonder if William will react the way he normally does – by bitching at the paparazzi for getting up in his business. For… busting him. But, you know, that’s not a private mountain. (Is there such thing as a private mountain?) Complaining about photographers shooting him wide open at a ski resort where hundreds of other people are also on holiday isn’t going to stand up. And lashing out in that way might actually make him look worse. Because it’d be obvious what he’d be doing. So… maybe just take the L. And you kinda owe your brother one. As soon as those beach shots – and possibly the balcony ones – go wide, Harry will be taking the heat off Will.

There is also new video of Will dancing at the club during his ski trip in Switzerland. 

Here are Will and Kate at a reception in London last week.