Busy day for Princess Catherine. Three official events ending with a visit to the National Portrait Gallery where her VOGUE portraits are now on display. As revealed earlier this week, Kate covers the new issue of British VOGUE to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Some people bitched that these photos weren’t artistic enough. Others bitched that they should have been more glamourous. As I wrote the other day – click here for a refresher – you can’t glamour what isn’t glamourous. That’s just not her deal. So why not appreciate when she’s presented as her best version? Which is what VOGUE did.

And then she shows up at the event, styled by herself. With the makeup and the hair and that Middleton aesthetic, like she learned nothing from the hair and makeup artists from the magazine. Now, if Kate wasn’t about that, about the fashion and the style, etc, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We don’t have these conversations about Sophie, Countess of Wessex. But Kate is into it. She totally is. You know she is. So you have to wonder whether or not she’s like, yeah, my way is better than the VOGUE way. Really!?