She’ll carry it when it matches

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2010 14:41:01 October 4, 2010 14:41:01

Her luggage I mean. And only then for a few minutes, just to make sure we see the entire outfit.

Victoria Beckham travelled from LA to London yesterday after presenting a united front with husband David during the recent prostitution scandal. The Beckhams, as you know, claim it’s all fraud, while the hooker has now countersued David for emotional distress, or something.

In other words, it’s still He Said, She said, and as I noted last week, I’d be more inclined to believe what He Said He Didn’t Do if he didn’t do it in the past.

I’ve been yelled at the last few weeks since this sh-t broke by staunch Beckham defenders, angry about me not immediately discounting this trick’s claims. You know, the Rebecca Loos/Sarah Marbeck/Esther Canadas/Emma Ryan episode(s) only went down 6 years ago. Does that mean that in 6 years people will find it really hard to believe that Tiger Woods and Jesse James could be cheaters again too?

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