Cameron Diaz is happily dating Benji Madden. The rumour is that they’re engaged. GREAT. It’s so great. Because Cam…

We’ve talked about this.

Before Benji, Cam was always attracted to the ones who treated her like sh-t:

Justin Timberlake
Alex Rodriguez
Puff Daddy Diddy

I don’t understand how she was attracted to Diddy. Remember this? And this?

Anyway, according to US Weekly, Diddy Daddy regrets that it didn’t work out with Cam:

"He was at a dinner and the subject turned to Cameron dating Benji Madden," the source tells Us. "He said, 'If I could turn back time, things would be different!'" The insider adds: "He was bummed, saying, 'She's the sexiest girl in the world.'"

Well good. Let him regret that. But also…

Not good.

Because I worry that she might be that girl who’d find that romantic, who’d hear about that and start wondering, wondering if she’s missing out on any excitement, only recalling the hot parts of their relationship (gross) and not the times he was a dick to her (probably most of the time). This is when a friend like Gwyneth should be stepping in to shut it down. That’s what I would do. I’d be the one in her face telling her don’t go back there, step away from the phone.