Apparently today is the day for me to get sickly-sweetness stuck in my throat from all the fairytail-y goodness going on. It makes you pray for the utter depravity that is Scandal.

I had forgotten, until Us Weekly reminded me, that Briar Rose, the name chosen by Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson for their baby, is a name used as kind of a decoy for Princess Aurora in sleeping beauty. So right off the bat we have that. Princess allusions, the idea of a “hidden” royalty that can emerge later, put in your own allusions here.

But beyond the Sleeping Beauty stuff, I’m reminded of a certain kind of …I don’t know… “girliana” that existed when I was a kid. There was a thing in the 80s where mothers painted the house in dusty rose, and old-fashioned straw hats decorated with ribbons and flowers were considered decent wall coverings, and china dolls that Amy March and Dianna Barry played with were considered neat and charming gifts for young girls. These were huge in the 80s and then all these mothers despaired of their dusty rose and their novelty petticoats when their daughters hit the 90s and demanded Doc Martens and flannel plaid everything.  

I feel like Briar Rose is the kind of name that existed back then, a name that those mothers would have taught their daughters that it could have been the name for the surprise little sister that they hoped would come along when the moms were 40 but never did. The kind of sing-songy thing a little girl would sing.

I just don’t know. Briar Rose – it’s the kind of thing uber designed to be cutesy and to be said as a duo of names and I just don’t agree that Briar on its own is enough, and …I kind of thought more of these two.