Post By Duana & Lainey

So tonight Lara says "Everything is right in the world when Rachel McAdams is around" which is so true. But the other half of it is that I just want everything to be OK for Rachel. She's a hometown girl, and I don't think anyone worried about her until post-Gosling. Because the thought was that she had met her SoulMate and all was wonderful. But then she and the SoulMate broke up and we've all been watching her, those of us who care, with the quiet anxiousness of a parent who just wants to see their grown child 'settled'.

But tonight Lainey hit it. And I'm not just blowing smoke because she's letting me blog my little heart out and I ate all the Pringles. She suggested this pairing.

Now, it's not that every single girl needs to be fixed up. It's not that she needs to date anyone at all. But Rachel and Jake - he's got just enough sass and gravitas and interest to balance her. Because whatever is going on with her, she kind of refuses to be up when we want her to be up, she does good and bad movies in tandem without ever apologizing for either, and revels in being complicated.

Jake would be complicated. It wouldn't be a perfect relationship. There would be dark periods and they might struggle to understand one another.


Lainey: please, it can’t be as dark as Kirsten Dunst. Or as ball numbing as Reese Witherspoon. I was all over this early as soon as I reported on Twitter before arrivals that they’d be presenting together. We love setting up celebrities. And why didn’t we think of this before? Duana says it’s because he’s the jock and she’s the artsy. OMG. They belong together. Girly squealing jumpy claps!

So then I spent the rest of the night, on Twitter, and on the live blog, cajoling the rest of you to pray to Shiloh to make this happen. LET THEM FALL IN LOVE.

Let there be McJakey.

I’m telling you, if we will it into play, it will play. Even is on board. Apparently Jakey jokingly introduced Rachel to a friend last night as “the mother of my child”.

Shiloh. She hears us.

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