LIFE & STYLE is reporting that Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper had a very tactile brunch ten days ago and that must mean they’re dating now because their source says they “seemed like a couple”. It’s LIFE & STYLE. Translation: probably nothing happened. They went out for dinner in 2009 too. Click here for those details. And as we know, nothing came of that either.

Rachel and Coop have known each other for years. Jesus, Wedding Crashers was almost a decade ago. Let’s revisit this scene from Wedding Crashers that features Vince Vaughn at his best.

Anyway, can we please go back to Gossip Genie-ing for Rachel and Jake Gyllenhaal? Here’s Jakey in  New York yesterday with a friend in some unflattering cargo pants. A month ago he was dating a swimsuit model. Not sure if that’s still happening. What I can tell you for suuuuuure is that Rachel McAdams IS actually a sweetheart, and she would never DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? a police officer.