Rachel McAdams showed up at the Beautiful Boy (starring Michael Sheen and Maria Bello) screening on Sunday night and at the film’s afterparty at Cheval. SO pretty. Loose blonde hair in waves around her face, great tight black dress with an exposed zipper running all the way down the back – she has an amazing ass – and stacked black heels, hot.

Michael Sheen was there already. I saw her walk up to the rooftop patio. She spent a few minutes talking to randoms, and shortly after Sheen had joined her. To me it was like they were being introduced. He’s an actor, she’s an actor, she watches his movie, they meet, they chit chat, he goes back to his people, she hangs out with hers, the end.

But then they went to sit together on a couch and kept talking and not talking to anyone else. And then together they went over to the bar to talk some more. On the way they ran into others, and talked to those others together, and after getting more drinks they went back to their couch and kept talking and new others came and went while they continued to not be apart.

And that’s not usually just a friend thing. That’s a thing thing. By the time I left, they’d been together like that for over an hour. So of course I asked around. Heard from a couple of sources yesterday that it’s early days in the courtship but they’re definitely checking each other out. Cute, right?

Here’s the trailer for Beautiful Boy.

Photos from Wenn.com