Variety reported today that Rachel McAdams is very close to signing on to True Detective season 2. Her name came up after Elisabeth Moss was rumoured, and then they apparently ended up auditioning several other actors because of a scheduling conflict; she’s also working on a film called Spotlight and they had to negotiate so that she could take on True Detective without giving that up. I guess they figured it out?

That would mean of the four new True Detective leads, two will be Canadian. And several of you have emailed me already to Gossip Genie Rachel with Taylor Kitsch, also expected to be confirmed imminently.

Could you see it?

Would it make you stop hoping for a Rachel-Ryan reunion?

Don’t kill me but I don’t want to reassign my Gossip Genie. She’s been working for Rachel and Jake Gyllenhaal.

PS. At last check a couple months ago, Rachel was still dating Patrick Sambrook, a music manager, also Canadian. 

Back to business though, if this is true and Rachel is indeed part of the HBO family, it’s a great move for her. I mean you’ll see the Rachel you know in Cameron Crowe’s film next year (with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone) but it’s also time to get a rougher, for some versatility. I like that she’s starting to mix it up.