At this point, True Detective S2 is a proper hate-watch. That f-cking dialogue. I set my Sunday nights at 9PM to the show, while my mask is drying, as a challenge to not move my face and f-ck up the work that the serum is supposedly doing to shrink my pores. Every time Rachel McAdams comes on, it’s a relief. Because she’s the only one who won’t let me down. When Taylor Kitsch was yelling at his mother inside their trailer though, it was all I could do not to smash my head into the pillow. And the whole children theme. Like, we get it. They all had sh-tty childhoods. Their children, or potential children, are having or will have sh-tty childhoods. True Detective is the antithesis of The Greatest Love Of All. Is Nic Pizzolatto exempt from notes?

Anyway, in other news…

Rachel & Taylor?

New photos of them together for brunch on Saturday morning were posted online. They both look like they have morning after hair. This is probably the best evidence we’ve had so far that they’re a thing. Which would mean that she and Jakey G are not a thing. Dish Nation reports that Rachel and Taylor were definitely behaving like a couple. Click here to see the pictures.