There’s a restaurant called The Nice Guy in LA. And Ryan Gosling is shooting a movie called The Nice Guys. So for a minute there I was like…OMG?

No. She went there for dinner with an unidentified dude who is demonstrably NOT anyone we know. And the paps are calling him a “mystery man”. And anytime anyone calls someone a “mystery” anything, romance is implied.

You know what I love about this?

They left in a cab.


You know. Those LA types. They’re not cab people. And they’re not Uber cab people either. Like if they Uber they’ll use a black car/sedan or order an SUV. So I feel like maybe, whoever he is, he’s not an LA type then. Because an LA type is just…so not her thing? Is this the 2015 Rachel McAdams equivalent of Madonna getting into a beat-up pick-up truck at the end of the Material Girl video?