It’s what I have always said I love most about Rachel McAdams (and we love her a lot here at -- Rachel isn’t LA. Rachel works, and then she comes home. She stays in Toronto. And it can get cold in Toronto. It’s not the every day sunny skies of Los Angeles. It’s a pain in the ass to get around when it snows. It’s brutal when it’s 20 below. But for all of them who say that they’re in LA for their career and they can’t get away from the downsides of the fame, like the paps and the whatever -- bullsh*t.


Rachel McAdams grew up in a little town about 90 minutes outside of Toronto called St Thomas. On Thursday, she returned to St Thomas because she was inducted to the St Thomas Wall of Fame. There were less than a hundred people there but it didn’t matter. She went because this community means something to her. And she went because there was a change in her schedule. Even though she was originally supposed to be in New York for her job, they ended up switching the days around, and...she still showed up.

Oh, hi, Leonardo DiCaprio. How was the Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby? Never mind. You skipped it to hang out on a yacht in Cannes with models.

Rachel spoke at the event, and she said she was even more nervous there than she was when she presented at the Oscars. Because she cared so much about what these people thought of her, and wanted to be able to properly honour them, and her parents. She also remembered her teachers, and credited them with how she approached her career, and acknowledged the influence they had on her decisions. Is there a connection between how sweet she is and the fact that she’s a “home” girl? I believe so, yes.

Click here to see more photos of Rachel in St Thomas via The London Free Press and to listen to an interview with Rachel talking about how special the day was for her.

Oh, and since so many of you are wishing for it to happen, here’s Kit Harington leaving Vancouver yesterday after a busy day of reshoots on The Seventh Son. He was heading back to Toronto to resume work on Pompeii.