A new photo of Rachel McAdams has turned up on Instagram:

A reader called Anna sent it over – thanks Anna! Apparently this happened at a wedding in Virginia. And standing next to Rachel is Jamie Linden. Jamie used to date Zooey Deschanel. He’s a screenwriter. His last credit was for Money Monster and he was in Cannes with Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts and George Clooney last month to screen the film – this is him, on the end:

Around the time of Cannes, I posted an article about Rachel being sighted in Paris by fans who put up a photo with her on Twitter. Those fans also claim that Taylor Kitsch was with her. Anna is wondering whether or not those fans mistook Taylor Kitsch for Jamie Linden. But…

Jamie Linden is close with Scott Porter – that’s Jason Street to those of you who know about Dillon, Texas – and Scott Porter, obviously, knows Taylor Kitsch…from Dillon, Texas. Dun dun dun!

So. What have we learned? Nothing. What have we confirmed? Rachel McAdams, still stealth.