Joanna sent me a link from ONTD this morning - third week of September, a fan posted these photos from the set of Demolition, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. You have to scroll down that link to see the shots in question but Rachel McAdams is in a couple of them even though she’s not in the movie. So was she visiting Jake Gyllenhaal? If she was visiting him, does that mean they’re holding hands on the low? Are they in love?


Rachel and Jake worked on Southpaw together earlier this year. That’s pretty much the only fact I can offer you here. Everything else is up to the Gossip Genie. I’ve been asking her for this Gossip Wish for years. And she’s all like, I just gave you the Clooney wedding and Martin Lawrence, what more do you want?

Can we send back Martin Lawrence for Gyllenhaal-McAdams? I would happily do that.

Anyway, here’s Rachel at home in Toronto yesterday with Michael Keaton shooting Spotlight. As far as I know, there have been no Jake sightings in Toronto.