Thom Yorke’s is a surprising kind of sexy, non? Sneaks up on you, surprises you, at first you’re like – who is this odd little man? By the end of it you’re like – musical genius if you seek Amy…?

Last night it was a clinic. An introduction for some to why Radiohead is talked about the way they are talked about. Why those in the music industry, musicians themselves, speak of them with such awe and admiration. Why the Grammys have begged them to perform almost every year. Why even Paul McCartney singled them out when asked which act he was most looking forward to watching.

What you heard – it’s always like that. Studio-quality pure, absolutely no degradation when performed live. And the energy. Thom can flail AND falsetto …at the same time! Hello Chris Martin!!!

I just…


Why did they allow their music to be associated with Twilight?

Thom in the past has been notoriously prickly about lending out the band’s music. Maybe he didn’t know the colossal epic sh-tness the movie would become? And the superfan loser fans it would go on to represent?

The only explanation.

Radiohead performs at Grammys

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