That might be the nicest way of saying it.

When Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes first announced their separation, there were rumours that Rebecca Hall might be involved. I was relieved when it appeared there was nothing to back up the claim. Because I love her.

18 months later and Mendes has confirmed that he and Hall are indeed in a relationship although both sides insist that it started well after his marriage ended. Really? Because... it’s just that...

He was the executive producer on a movie with Rebecca called Starter For Ten (with James McAvoy which you should try to find if you can because it’s pretty cute) in 2006. And then apparently he put her in two of his plays. So...

How long was she waiting around for him?

It feels like that, doesn’t it?

And how long was he subtly asking her to wait around?

It stanks of something, doesn’t it?